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Since 1950, Bestway Disposal, a GFL Company has offered unmatched service in solid waste removal for both residential and commercial customers in Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs and the Fountain Valley.

Today, our roll-off service is the best in the city due to our “Indisposable Service Guarantee,” a no-questions-asked, customer service guarantee that promises you the following services or your money will be refunded for the scheduled pickup.

  • We will deliver and/or pick up the roll-off container within 24 hours. (Please consider that we operate Monday through Friday for this service.)
  • We will place the container exactly where you want it.
  • We will clean up the area surrounding the container after removing it from the site.

Roll-off containers come in five sizes:

  • 10-yard containers 3.5’ tall x 8’ wide x 16’ long
  • 15-yard containers 4.5’ tall x 8’ wide x 16’ long
  • 20-yard containers 4.5’ tall x 8’ wide x 22’ long
  • 30-yard containers 6’ tall x 8’ wide x 22’ long
  • 40-yard containers 8’ tall x 8’ wide x 22’ long


Do you accept credit cards for payment?

Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Please phone the office with the card number at (719) 633-8709. You can pay online if you have received a bill from us for your service. If you are ordering for the first time, please call in.

How long does it take from call-in to get a container delivered or picked up?

No longer than 24 hours, in most cases much sooner.

What items may I place in the roll-off?

Roll-offs are designed to dispose of all types of debris with the exception of hazardous materials. However, there are limitations on weight, so if you are planning on disposing of concrete, dirt or other heavy items, please mention that at the time you order to avoid problems at the time of pickup.

What different sizes are available?

  • 10-yard containers 3.5’ tall x 8’ wide x 16’ long
  • 15-yard containers 4.5’ tall x 8’ wide x 16’ long
  • 20-yard containers 4.5’ tall x 8’ wide x 22’ long
  • 30-yard containers 6’ tall x 8’ wide x 22’ long
  • 40-yard containers 8’ tall x 8’ wide x 22’ long

What if the roll-offs are too large, do you offer any other containers temporarily?

Depending on the circumstances, we may be able to suggest some alternative choices; please call our office or contact us through this website to discuss your situation.

Is the price going to be the same if I order one box or multiple boxes?

We do offer a volume discount; however, there are several other factors that help determine the cost as well. Please provide us with as much information as possible when you speak with one of our representatives or contact us through this website.

What areas of Colorado do you service with roll-offs?

All of Colorado Springs and most surrounding areas, including Manitou Springs, Fountain, Monument, Black Forest, Widefield and Security. Areas outside of these boundaries may be considered, based on distance and the season; please call our office for more information.

How high can I fill the containers?

By law, all roll-off containers must be tarped in order to transport them to the landfill. We ask that the containers are not filled higher than sides to avoid delays at time of pickup. Should there be too much in the container, we will have to ask for it to be removed prior to hauling it away.

Where can you place the roll-offs?

Roll-offs can be placed on any level ground, given enough maneuvering space for the truck and container.

How do I pay for the roll-off, will you bill me?

We ask that all payments are received at the time of delivery or by credit card when ordering, with the exception of rental fees and overweight fees, which would be required at the time of pickup. We do offer billing for projects where multiple boxes would be needed; we would only require a commercial application to be filled out prior to the first delivery.

If I need a second container, will you bring an empty box along when you pick up the full box, or do you need to take the full one, empty it, then bring it back?

In most cases will we try to bring an empty container with us so that there is no downtime and you can continue your work. However, sometimes due to a lack of space we may need to empty the box that is already there and bring it back. Please keep in mind that we will need space to hold 2 roll off containers if you want us to bring additional containers.  Moving and placing a roll off in the same spot has an additional cost.

Can you provide portable restrooms?

Bestway offers portable restroom services. Our service area includes Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, Fountain, Monument, Black Forest, Security, and Widefield. Other surrounding areas of Colorado Springs also may be considered. Services include restrooms for construction sites or long term use. Please call our office for more information.

Do your containers have doors?

Yes, all five sizes have doors that open to allow for a lower loading level.

Do you pick up on the weekends?

We deliver and pick up containers Monday through Friday.


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