The world's best grime-fighter


He’s big. He’s strong. And he’s here to save the planet one recyclable at a time.

It’s MRF Man!


Named after our Material Recovery Facility, our company mascot and local superhero is on a mission to make old things new again.


Rising up from humble origins, MRF Man will stop at nothing to clean up the world and defeat his arch nemesis LandPhil. Watch his story below and see how the legend began.

Lights, camera, recycling! You can join MRF Man in the fight to save the planet! Check out the Recycled Cinema videos below for some earth-friendly tips through the lens of recreated famous movie scenes. All starring MRF Man, of course!

When Can Met Bottle (Commingling)

Bills to the Future (Technology)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Bottles (Hazardous Waste)

The Cups! (Waste Minimization)

My Fair Bottle (Repurposing)

The Sound of Mulch (Grass Clippings)


giving garbage a good name

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