Recycling Processing Adjustment

While there are many costs we can control in our business, the cost of processing recyclables has become volatile and unpredictable. This is especially true given the sharp drop in the value of the recycled commodities we collect over the past year.

GFL remains adamant that recycling is an essential portion of our business model, and we want to make sure we preserve our custorners’ ability to recycle and help divert materials from landfills to create a cleaner world. GFL applies the Recycle Processing Adjustment only to recycling services to offset the cost of processing recyclables and achieve a reasonable operating margin while operating in an environmentally safe manner.

Not a Governmental Tax

The Recycle Processing Adjustment is not a tax, surcharge, or fee imposed or mandated by any governmental or regulatory agency. It is an adjustment charged by GFL and may be changed at the discretion of GFL.



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