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What are your hours?

Hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday.

How am I charged?

By weight and if you have any other individual priced items such as tires.

What DON’T you take?

Hazardous materials, paint, oil, liquids (like cooking oil or chemicals) or animal carcasses. Because of State of Colorado regulations, we do not accept electronics (monitors, laptops, TVs, computers, etc.). These must be recycled with a licensed electronics reprocessor.

No compressed air tanks (helium, oxygen, propane tanks), batteries, florescent light bulbs, refrigerators or freezers that have not been decommissioned. No military ordinance or flares.

Is there a minimum charge?

$20.00 for up to 140 pounds.

Does Bestway Disposal do empty (military) weights?

Yes, we have a certified scale and it costs $6.00 per weight.

Do you take waste brought in by individuals and companies? How much does it cost?

Yes, we accept both. The minimum charge is $20.00, otherwise it depends on how much the waste weighs.

Do you accept tires?

Yes we can take tires for recycling. There is a fee per each tire.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Checks with valid ID, credit cards, and cash.

Can you take payments over the phone?

No, payment must be presented following dumping.

Can I set up an account?

Regular ongoing commercial customers may set up an account. Individuals must pay each time they dump.

Do you take shingles?

Yes, for disposal. Not for recycling.

Is there a charge to recycle?

Because of the cost involved in transporting recyclables and the low value of materials, Bestway Disposal has implemented a $10.00 charge for only dropping recyclables. If you are bringing a trash load, it is free to drop recyclables.

Where can I dump recycle for free?

El Paso County has a drop off site with limited hours for access at 255 Akers Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80922. Call them for more information, 719-520-7878.

What CAN’T I recycle with you?

Plastic garbage bags, grocery bags, Styrofoam and shredded paper. We can help you find places to recycle these items.

How does it work when I get on site?

First, turn right and drive in the south gate immediately after turning on to Air Lane. Drive to the inbound scale along the south fence to the East side of the scale house building. Once there you will park on the scale. Wait for the attendant to acknowledge that he has your weight by the speaker, then proceed to the transfer building. Once at the main transfer building you will be directed to back your vehicle into an open door either on the south side or the north side. Once you unload your waste you’ll return to the outbound scale on the west side of the transfer station office for payment.

Can you tell me in advance what my load will cost?

We can’t give exact estimates because every load is a different weight. We can provide a pretty accurate visual estimate – but it is only an estimate. Your charge will be based on the actual weight.

Is there a risk of getting flat tires on site?

Unlike a landfill, we are a completely paved site with no dirt roads. Our site is regularly swept to remove any debris from the roadways or dump area.

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